Project List 2012/09/09

What is on this page needs little or no explanation. However it is a very nice look inside my brain and it is, for me, a way to keep track about every crazy idea that has come to my mind.

You should know that at my dorm I’ve got a small whiteboard the title above it states: “CRAZY IDEA POOL”. And that, in essence, is what you should think of this list. It’s not something I am going to do percé, but it gives a hint of what I might do..

If one of the projects on this page looks interesting to you, don’t hesitate to drop me a line.
You can find me on twitter: @woutervddn

Future Projects


– A vintage looking Jukebox
– A media center (xbmc + custom webbased infoscreen w bus info, weather, calendar..)
– Spotify Star Button (next button already working, just changed the code of the facebook like button I made)


– Easy Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (EZ-UAV)
– Anti Gravity Lifter
– CNC machine (first a small one for PCB’s, afterwards a big one for wooden doors etc)
– Spotify Remote
– Laser Projector
– Sailboat
– R8.8 BioCat (A catamaran based on the design of the Audi R8)
– Uselessbox (The most useless machine ever, yet everyone wants one)
– Tablet (Now this one is a long shot, but if I find the time and the money to do it I will!)
– ARM/RaspPi (Arduino uses an AVR micro-controller, next step would be these kind of guys, I’ve got an STM32 dev. board lying around here but I have no clue where to start.)
– A pinball machine
– GPS Game
– 3D Laser Scanner
– Wireless Audio for brAun 199
– Battle Bot
– Word Clock
– Satellite Tracker


-Artificial Intelligence


– Silkscreen press
– Android radiation meter

Already under development

Projects that I already started but that I need to finish..

– Arduino Midi controller (DEV name is “Sonata MIDI Platform”)
– Siri Style Domotica System
– One Page WordPress
– Giant RC UFO (if I want to get this ready on the 21st of december I’ll have to hurry)
– Daft Punk Coffee Table (I already bought a table..)
– Personal Infoscreen
– Spotify Star Button
– Breathing LED orb (this got changed to a breathing LED strip to go behind our minibar)
– MIDI controlled Radiostudio Mixer
– Lift22 hitchhiker platform
– Complete DIY full body RC plane
– StuMoDAP (Student Mobility Data Analyses Platform)– More On This
– CopyKitten– More On This


Some of the projects that I’ve done already..

– Restoration of my brAun 199 (old tube amp radio)
– Facebook Like Button More On This
– Spotify Next Button More On This
– Arduino, Servo, Bike Game
– Spotify Parser More On This
– Fix my Easyglider (my first RC plane, crashed..)