Nokia 5230 Screen + Digitizer repair 2012/01/27

So, my chinese Ebay parts finally arrived. Actually, the digitizer arrived 2 times.

The whole proces of replacing  the screen and the digitizer is really simple, the photo’s should tell you enough really! Just open it up, flip the screen and digitizer, unscrew, open de side and you’re solderless plugs are visible, just unplug the old parts and plug in the new ones.. It took me about 5 minutes start to end.. I didn’t even have to search for the right screwdriver (starhead) because it was already included in the package And a pry-tool (didn’t need that one)!

But there is a catch! (Well not really, I was just stupid) When I received my parts, I immediately put the phone together. In that proces I removed all plastic covers, or so I thought! It turned out that I missed a plastic cover on the back of the digitizer. Now this doesn’t really affect the way it’s working, but after a few hours I noticed that there where air bubbles forming behind the digitizer. So I opened the phone again. To lazy to remove the digitizer, I just pulled the cover off. And with that I broke the flatwire/ribbon.

Those things are really fragile! Especially when you are as handy as an elephant! So watch out with that!, make sure you remove the ALL the plastic covers, both on the front as the back of the digitizer and the front of the screen!

Anyhow, the second digitizer I bought was from an other supplier and the plastic cover, in this case, didn’t reach all the way to the ribbon connection. And thus that problem didn’t occur this time.

Photo’s of this straightforward repair below, enjoy!


Fixing a Nokia 5230 that’s trashed 2011/12/07

So, I grab hold of a fairly dead Nokia 5230!

“After a drop the only thing still working were the lights on the bottom 3 buttons.” – the guy who broke the phone


Or at least that’s what they told me. The guy gave me the phone for free because he couldn’t do anything with it anymore…

So I popped it open and looked around

Now, what actually happened:
He dropped the phone, the digitizer fell off and the connector broke. He tried fixing it himself, or better: he smashed the digitizer back in the phone. With that clever move the LCD connector was damaged. I can clearly see it was pierced…


I looked around on Ebay and found both a digitizer and a new touchscreen for €17.05. Yes, I know it’s only a resistive touchscreen, and yes it runs Symbian, and yes it underpowered! But for €17 it seemed a good deal to me! especially if you know what cellphone I have at the moment:


That’s right, I’ve got a Nokia 1680.. A sub €50 phone and  the only real problem I have with it is that it’s damn slow! I picked this phone because my “hi-end” Samsung I had before broke after less than 2 months, the screen broke.. Anyhow, considering my current phone and the price to upgrade to the 5230, I think we all agree it’s a good deal!





I’ll update you guys once the digitizer and the LCD arrive..






Blogging, ranting, all that stuff 2011/12/05

1 thing became very clear to me today: I need a place to rant!

About personal stuff, about things that bother me,  about things that aren’t tech. Therefor I’m going to launch a personal blog. I’m not sure what kind of format it will be, but I guess that’ll figure itself out.


My tech stuff hasn’t been of the shelf last couple of months. I’m to busy with other things. Just to give you all a quick update:

– I’m making a webcatalog for a store as a studentjob
– I’m co-building a platform for an organization that manages what happens with wildlife in case of oil crisis.
– I’m a member of 3 school-based  studentboards
– A member of a Flemish one
– A member of a workgroup to integrate Industrial Engineering Sciences in Universities (Rather than “High Schools” at the moment)
– I’m a member of a workgroup of studentmobility in Flanders
– I’m head of a workgroup of ICT related stuff in our school

As you can see, I’m fairly full if you include the normal stuff like: Ubuntu, School, EPFSUG,…

Nevertheless, I experience a need to write (mostly useless stuff). I get frustrated these days about a lot of things, but I don’t have place to trashtalk about that. On the other hand, I also lack a place to say how good I find certain other things. Something to write away every bit of information in my brain that is personal.

For tech people, that blog will hold not a single nibble of useful information! For people interested in what happens in my life, it’ll be a way to look inside my brain.
I do believe I’ll be writing it in dutch, just because I rant about stuff in my head in dutch as well.


But hack, I’m already  spamming my personal stuff here.
High time to stop that! I’ll make sure to post a link once my personal blog is completed.

Until that time however:




Change Ahead 2011/09/26

Back when I first started this blog, I was thinking about making it big etc.. This however isn’t something for me.. Also, as time went on I realized I’m not doing enough projects to make this a ProjectSite..

Therefor I decided that I’d make this more like a personal blog. However my focus will remain on Software, Hacks, and Tech/Geeky stuff.. In other words, this is going to be my  place where I can rant about things going wrong in Techland..

You’ll notice the change..




Software Freedom Day 2011/09/20

Just a quick entry to post some pictures taken before the SFD event in Genk (Belgium). We honestly where so busy during the event itself, that we had no time to take pictures!
(Yes, shame on us, we know..)




Software Freedom Day 2011 2011/09/15

hey guys,

I’d like to inform you about a worldwide festivity that’s going to take place on saturday the 17th.


It’s software freedom day then. The ultimate chance for you to head out there and talk to people like me. People who care about the future of software etc. Around the world there are all kinds of events about open software. Going from Drupal, to LibreOffice to Ubuntu.. Just head over to the website and see if there is something interesting near your place.


I know a lot of people think it’s bullsh*t when I ask them what they will do once microsoft decides to remove .doc and .docx support from Office. Everybody says it ain’t gonna happen. I talked about possible “vendor threads” before. But recently everything changed..


Students who are taking courses in Informatics or Industrial Sciences (like me), can get an MSDNAA account for free via their school. MSDNAA lets us download a whole load of Microsoft software, ranging from developers tools over operating system to just general stuff. I loved it since I didn’t have to buy a 70€ student Office pack. Lately however, Microsoft decided to stop offering Office in the MSDNAA bundle. Resulting in a pretty decent example!


Imagine being one of my classmates who are running a Windows Computer. For about 2 years now you’re running a legal version of Office on your laptop that is covered by the (old) MSDNAA licence. You’ve made a pretty decent collection of data and research results which basically holds a fairly big amount of “intellectual value”. As you might all know, a good idea is worth more than the actual product. You’ve got yourself folders and folders of .docx; .xlsx; … files which house some great projects. All of the sudden someone on the other side of the globe decides to stop including Office in that licence.


The result is easy to picture, you’re left with all your data that you want to keep. You can’t open it via LibreOffice or because they don’t fully work with some exotic functions microsoft included and their developers can make them work because of licensing etc. Your F*cked! In order to keep your data and stay “legit” you are now forced by microsoft AND by your school to buy their software packet.


You are doomed to fail if you don’t buy MS Office. Every lab session that requires a report, requires you to do the exact same steps that can’t be exactly repoduced by another office suite. Your data of your projects is stuck inside those files. You’re left with the option of either leaving data behind with great value OR buy their product.


And that my friends, is the most disgusting thing about schools. They enable big companies to trick students, teachers and everybody surrounding them!


Enough is Enough: Make Software Freedom Day count.
Because no-one can be allowed to take away your ‘intellectual value’!
Accessing information that you’ve got the right to view should be free and libre! Always, Anytime, Anywhere, No exceptions!





Girls in science 2011/08/13

Hi guys

We all know that there aren’t that many girls in science. Besides some famous female geeks on youtube they are spread fairly thin. One however lives with me!

My roommate is studying Industrial Sciences in Nuclear Technology at XIOS University Colleague. She over half way, and with a bit of luck she can say in a year or two that she is: “Industrial Engineer in Nuclear Technology & Radiation Expert”.
(She’ll need a loooong business cart for that!)

Anyhow, a few days ago Heidi Siwak (also check out her blog btw.) mentioned how small the amount of girls studying science really is. Pointing out that my roommate Sienke Gielen is a “girl in science”, the idea began to grow to let her blog about it.

And so was created. A blog made to stimulate young girls to go and study science. Written by a girl in science herself. Head over there, read the blog, and share the news!

Kind regards



New Resume! 2011/08/06

Hey guys,

Last couple of weeks I’ve been working, of and on, on a resume. I finally put it together. Rather than making a small specific resume, this is a general one that I’ve put up on (Which is a Flemish service for businesses to find students for there projects and also works the other way around.)

The resume is long: 10 pages when you include the front and the back. It is so long because it’s a ‘piece of design‘ and also because I list every Linux OS I worked with and every Open and Closed Software Suite I understand. But since HuurEenStudent will show this to people who are searching for students, they don’t want to spend money training me, so I provide all information.

Please do note that if you ever go to a company for a specific function: SHORTEN IT! Make it 3 or 4 pages at most. Don’t cram all info on it either!

It aren’t just white pages with some text on it. It’s rather a minimal yet stylish piece of art. The resume aims to be pleasant to read and yet look cutting edge.

All in all I think I succeeded in making it in what I wanted. Although I’m not totally convinced about the portfolio page.

Next thing I’m going to do is find/hack/make a web-based booklet viewer for it. I’m doing this because I’m sure as hell nobody will print the pages. Some of them have a bright background color. It would just kill your cartridges.

I hear you say “but Wouter why in earth do you make it then if you don’t want anybody to print it”. Well I might print them myself, or maybe even order some of them. Another reason I did it was to show that you can make stunning things with Open-Source software. I used nothing but Open-Source software to make it: Inkscape, Gimp, Scribus, and PDF Shuffler.
(But yes, I saved it PDF which isn’t totally Open.. True, but I used PDF 1.4 so that’s as close at it gets.)

Will this mean I won’t have something printable? No, I will have something printable.. I’m thinking about either making a totally new concept for it, or change the current design.

I’d like it to be not more than 2 or 3 pages, but considering the fact that it houses the software pages that’s unlikely. I don’t want to drop anything, but maybe I can make something that’s only relevant for certain jobs.. Ideas are always welcome in the comments.

On a side note, the reason why I might make my own viewer is because it would make the resume complete: I used my designing skills for it, I used my writing skills, I used my software using skills, and making a viewer for it will show I’ve got some decent coding skills as well..

Want to view my resume? It’s right here.

Kind regards



If you find auwesome services, gadgets or whatever online: Post-Em! 2011/07/30

Just a quick update.

I’ve been digging myself in some WordPress the last 2 or 3 days. Some people I know started this website and wanted a little help with getting WordPress to work like they wanted. Although I’m not that much of a WordPress guru, we managed to get almost everything fixed! (Apart from a “create a new post”-page on the front-end. But we’re working on that)

The concept of the site is fairly easy to get. It doesn’t host in depth blogposts, it just lists stuff you might want to look at. They’ve been reviewing a bunch of things: Gadgets, Operating Systems, CloudOSs, Webservices.

Anyhow, it daunt me that WordPress can get so nasty at some times. I’ll be trying to make my tutorial series about it as simple as possible! yet open a door for you guys to ask questions about it.

So, go check it out. Post your own or tip us off about something. (And sharing us on twitter of FB isn’t something we dislike.. [whistle])




a < html > salad; light, yet powerfull.

A few days ago I had a friend who asked about making a website. I figured there are still so many people who can’t seem to find a decent guide. Most online tutorials take you through the whole language, but lack a “lets dive in” approach. (and when they do it’s not often going anywhere, just some random little projects without a cause)

Now I know some of you would say this isn’t true, and indeed there are also a lot of tutorials that DO work out great. Yet I must say that lately my view about making websites has changed. Due to some articles in WebDesignerMagazine.

I used to make a general template in Photoshop or GIMP and start coding fairly early. I didn’t really bother to make all my text and headers in the graphic prototype. However I noticed lately that I spend way to much time figuring out which font and which size match best.

Therefor I now prefer to do as much as possible in GIMP and start coding afterwards.
The next step is the slicing process. Without a doubt this is a really interesting step, because doing this right saves you an enormous amount of time coding. A decent structure is everything. Only then the real html + CSS coding starts. I will be ending with a couple of <php> statements, resulting in the new template for the TechProjectMasters blog.

So, if you’re dying to get started with webdesign, keep following TPM. Also I encourage everyone to make your own design. And heck, even make it totally different from mine. You’ll see it benefits you :)

To wrap this thing up I’d just like to end with the fact that I’ll be using Open and Free programs for the entire process! So there is no need to buy a massively overpriced Adobe product what so ever!