StuMoDAP 2012/09/30

StuMoDAP, which stands for Student Mobility Data Analysis Platform, is a project I’m working on for the Flemish Organisation of Students (VVS), KHLim University College and iRail npo.

Last year, januari ’till march, we put out a survey for all students in Flanders about their feelings towards mobility.¬†We ended up with over 5000 people filling it in. Not bad for a country as small as Belgian (even more when you take in to account that we only took FLEMISH students.)

For setting up the survey I used LimeSurvey, an open-source platform that makes setting up complicated surveys fairly easy.
The database however isn’t really what you can call human readable.

I’m now working on a public platform that allows anybody to view, and verify the statements that we make. Even more, everybody can use this open data to make their own conclusions.

I was surprised by how many people are interested in this data.My University College, iRail, VVS ofcourse, but also:

  • other colleges
  • carpool organization
  • flemish institute of mobility
  • various student organizations
  • a part of a public transportation company

I’m working on getting the project ready by the 1st of oktober, so it’s all hands on deck now..
Wish me luck for making that deadline!

keep on sharing